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Our World

Meet the Peekapak Pals

The World of Peekapak is an exciting place. Children interact with a new original Peekapak storybook every month featuring the Peekapak Pals - Menka, Cody, Leo, and their friends - and their adventures. Oftentimes, they discover that problems are better solved with a little help from their friends, and learn valuable lessons about social and emotional concepts, such as being open to working with others, being thankful, or just being yourself.


Logical, analytical and creative, it's no surprise that Menka loves architecture! She can spend hours on a single project. Good thing she has her best friends, Cody and Leo, to make sure she remembers to have fun!


This hedgehog loves sculpting little ceramics for his friends. Even though he may not say much, he quietly sees what others may not be able to. Leo loves his friends and is always there to keep the peace when disagreements come up.


Outgoing, friendly, warm and imaginative, Cody has a big heart. He is a doer and learns best through trying new things with other people. He loves to paint, and is always on the search for something yummy, especially cookies!


An aspiring musician, this bunting has an amazing voice and is rarely seen without his headphones on. When he's not listening to a playback of his latest song, he's remixing one or making a music video with his friend Freja!


He loves to experiment with different colors, patterns and textures and is an amazing designer. Kenji can make anything for his friends, including space suits and outrageous costumes for one of Brady’s music videos!


This fox is a budding cinematographer and loves experimenting with photography and film. She has a great eye for capturing moments on camera and learning about editing and special effects.


She has a green thumb and is rarely seen without her favorite bonsai tree. She is passionate about using her plant biology knowledge to create hybrids like an apporange (you know, an appley orange!) and discovering new plant species.


This little skunk loves cooking and chemistry, which means she takes food to the next level with molecular gastronomy. As you can imagine, her snacks are very popular with her friends, especially her famous jellybean chocolate chip cookies!


Her name means 'lights', which is exactly what she's into - Lucia doesn't feel like something is complete without putting some lights on it! When she grows up, Lucia wants to be an electrical engineer. There's never a dim moment when Lucia's around!


She loves coding and learning new programming languages - she’s already fluent in Java, Python, and Ruby! Any time her friends Sebastian and Apollo need a program for their latest robot, Inés comes to the rescue.


This salamander is a whizkid in computer science, and loves coming up with completely new types of technology. He even wears his own prototype creations - an augmented reality eyepiece and a robotic glove!


The resident mechanical engineer, Apollo can build anything that his friend Sebastian comes up with. Always cool and collected, Apollo's friends know they can count on his level-headedness to solve the toughest problems!