Success starts with Gratitude

Social-emotional learning for the class & home

  1. Original stories & 20-minute lessons
  2. Aligned to English Language Arts standards
  3. Engage parents with at-home extensions

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How it Works

In Class

Peekapak helps Pre-K to Grade 3 teachers get students excited about learning core character strengths with fun stories and comprehensive weekly lessons.

At Home

Teachers can easily share lesson updates and at-home activities with parents to reinforce the classroom learning.


With Peekapak, teachers and parents can seamlessly track a student’s progress and receive quick feedback from parents on the student development at home.


Kristie O.

Special Ed Teacher,

Fargo Public Schools,

North Dakota

I love the fresh approach that Peekapak is using because they’re bringing real-life ideas into the classroom and language that the kids are using now. They also incorporate real concerns that the kids have, so it’s very relatable.

Parents can see what we’re targeting and continue that at home. It brings us together so we’re all on the same page. It also helps parents look relatable to their kids. When we’re working on this at school, it’s not just a school thing ... it’s a life thing.

Lyndsey S.

Anderson Elementary,

Grade 1 Teacher,


My students are able to quickly make real-world connections with the stories and apply what they’ve learned throughout the program. One of my favorite memories happened after we read the story about gratitude and I showed my class a life-sized print-out of the Tree of Gratitude.

My students could not wait to start the lesson and fill out their gratitude tags and place them on the tree. We kept adding to our Tree of Gratitude for days, even after the activity was over.

Ronen H.

Founder of EQ Schools,

Harvard M.A.

What’s exciting about Peekapak is that they’re working on creative, very concrete measures to understand a child’s development in social-emotional learning. I see Peekapak at the intersection of three prongs - engaging curriculum, clearly defined rubrics of specific items to look for in SEL, and easy communication. Once you’ve combined those three together, it is very powerful.

Heather S.

Khan Lab School,


One thing that’s very special about peekapak is its home component because very often the most parents get their child bringing back to them is: ‘Today we talked about this ...’ but sometimes that’s not always reliable when kids are really young. To have Peekapak send updates and lessons directly home, and the fact that they are directly geared to the child’s ability level ... I think that is really really awesome.

Why is this Important?

"Children who score high on social competence are 4x as likely to graduate from college than those who score low."

- Found by research conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, featured in

We know from research, that lifelong success starts with teaching skills like empathy, self- regulation and teamwork with young children.

Character education is our shared responsibility to foster the development of ethical and responsible classroom, leading to future successes in careers and relationships.

Our Vision

We firmly believe that the youngest members of our society today, will make positive, lasting impacts on tomorrow’s world.

We aim to reach every child with stories and lessons and to create compelling environments to learn about essential character traits!

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