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Frequently Asked Question

About Peekapak

What's Peekapak?

Developed by education experts, Peekapak's innovative curriculum combines social-emotional learning with Common Core reading and writing standards.

Incorporating Peekapak into your class is easy! Our 20-minute sessions are designed to fit into your classroom routine, and with the click of a button, you can send updates, discussion questions, and digital storybooks to parents to reinforce your lessons at home.

What grades do you cover?

At the moment, we offer stories and lessons for grades Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3. In the future, we will expand our grade offerings.

Do you take the Common Core State Standards into consideration?

Yes, we take the English Language Arts Standards into consideration when we design each of our lessons. The standards that are practiced in the lessons are stated explicitly so teachers can keep track of the ones they've practiced with their class, if desired.

**Please note that all Pre-K standards indicated are aligned with the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.

What about the 4Cs?

We take great care in building the 4Cs into our lessons. Each lesson contains specific actions that help students practice Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.

What do I get with Peekapak?

Every month, teachers will be able to access a new unit that focuses on a new Character Education concept, like perseverance, gratitude, kindness, empathy (just to name a few!). Each unit is Common Core State Standards aligned and incorporates the 4Cs.

A unit consists of:

  • A Character Education concept focus

  • 1 digital storybook with an exciting original story teaching that Character Education concept

  • 1 read aloud lesson guide

  • 4 classroom lessons

  • 4 corresponding at-home activities

  • Sight words and discussion words

About Peekapak Stories & Characters

What are your stories about?

Our stories are entertaining and exciting and feature relatable character, while incorporating Character Education concepts. We write our stories with children in mind, creating stories and characters that they will love and want to revisit again and again. We want reading to be fun and educational at the same time. We've always known that the best kinds of stories are not only the ones that teach a lot, but also the ones where we don't even realize we're learning.

My child is at a proficient reading level - do you have anything more advanced?

Actually, we do! Our stories come in two formats. The first is a storybook / picture book format (22 pages) that contains shorter text and full-page illustrations. This is intended for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1 students. Our second format is an early chapter book (60 pages) that contains short chapters and fewer illustrations. The story is the same, but with additional detail. This is intended for Grades 2 & 3 students. Of course, teachers and parents are welcome to select the book level that suits their child's needs and interests.

The storybook is too hard for my students/child to read!

No problem; that's where you come in! Our books were designed for teachers and parents to read to, and with, children, and not for children to read on their own. We provide a read aloud guide for teachers and parents so that you can guide your student through the reading.

How did you come up with your characters and your world?

We wanted to create a special place where creativity is highly valued and where children's imaginations can run wild. We also wanted to showcase many different types of creativity. Our characters, and the look and feel of Peekaville, were a labor of love, and we worked with very talented designers and illustrators to bring our vision to life.

About Character Education

What is Character Education?

Character Education focuses on good values and fosters the development of responsible and ethical children. Values like perseverance, gratitude, kindness, self-regulation, teamwork, and honesty are only a few of the concepts that children learn and practice daily. Instilling these traits in children helps pave their way to becoming upstanding and successful citizens of the world.

What Character Education topics do you cover?

We have worked with early childhood experts to hone in on 10 core competencies for young children - and we will be releasing one for each month of the school year. Our 10 core competencies are perseverance, self-regulation, respect, teamwork, gratitude, empathy, kindness, resilience, courage, and honesty.

I teach a Pre-Kindergarten class. How do you teach complex Character Education topics to young children?

We have designed our lessons so that our lessons are introduced in tiers. This means that a lesson for Pre-Kindergarten is different from a lesson for Grade 3. The discussion word, lessons, activities, and content are all geared toward that grade level.

About Early Childhood Education

Why is early childhood education important?

Early childhood is arguably the most important time in a child's development and what children experience during this time has great, far-reaching, and lasting effects. Nobel laureate James Heckman calculates that investments in quality early childhood development produce the highest return on the dollar compared to other investments in human capital, and that programs that build character and motivation - not just cognition - are essential. A young child's learning can matter for a lifetime and lead to later success that not only affects their future but also the future of their communities, and the world!

About Parents & Partnerships

How do you involve teachers, parents, and students?

The Peekapak Learning Program is designed to allow teachers and parents to work together as partners in a child's education. Teachers read the story in class and do the classroom activities that bring out the learning from the story. After, they can send parents a fun at-home activity to do with their child.

Why is it important to involve parents?

It's essential for parents to be aware of what their child is learning, and countless studies have shown that parental involvement is associated with higher student achievement outcomes (inside and outside of the classroom). The earlier in a child's educational process parents get involved, the more powerful the effects are. Furthermore, it is recommended that parents read to their child every day, and we provide original storybooks for parents and children to read together.

About The Peekapak Platform

I forgot my password

Please email us at hello@peekapak.com for help with resetting your password. Alternatively, if you wish to access your materials right away, you can sign up for a new account to log in immediately.

Why do I see the welcome tour every time I log in?

No problem! All you need to do is to click the little check box that says, "Don't show me this tour again", and it won't pop up anymore.

How do I invite parents to join?

Right now, you can send parents an at-home activity by pressing the "Send to Parents" button at the end of the blue bar, at the top of each lesson. We will be releasing a function, which will allow teachers to invite parents to your "class" on the platform, as well as for parents to join a Parent Platform where they can see all the at-home storybooks and activities you send to them.

I read that you have a "Track Skills" functionality on your platform. What is this?

Our Track Skills function helps teachers keep track of the Character Education skills their class or student has worked on.

Can I use a different grade than what my class is?

Absolutely! You can select the grade you wish to use in the top right menu under your profile . We encourage teachers to use the lessons with flexibility in mind, and to modify lessons to fit their class.

Can I use the Peekapak Learning Program if I'm a parent but a teacher hasn't invited me?

You can use the Peekapak Learning Program if a teacher invited you. We designed this program for teachers to reach out to parents to draw them into their child's learning. Teachers will have the ability to do the classroom lessons and then to send the accompanying at-home activities to parents to do with their child at home, extending the learning. If you child's teacher doesn't know about Peekapak, please speak to them about us!

About Peekapak Units

I see "Coming Soon" over some of your units - when are these available?

We release a new unit every month (with the exception of the summer break months - July and August).

When do you release each unit?

Units are released 1 week before the first of the month, so that teachers have a chance to plan ahead for the month.

I don't want to receive one unit at a time. Is there a way for me to access all units at once?

Yes, there is! Please email us at hello@peekapak.com for more information.

How have you decided on your Pre-Kindergarten standards?

**Please note that all Pre-K standards indicated are aligned with the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.